What we’re doing for Social responsibility…

Social responsibility. In my opinion we don’t hear this enough, especially in business. It’s important in any social system to give back when you have success. Over the last couple of years Dvelop.IT has grown considerably and we’re very proud of that. Because of this we have partnered with Age UK Milton Keynes in 2018 to raise funds for a charity that’s close to our heart.

We have 4 events or fundraising activities coming up this year:

  • Wear your Pyjamas to work day (April): We thought this might be something fun to kick things off! Everyone is going to pay to wear their PJ’s to work as well as ask our business neighbours to donate. Frankly, who doesn’t want to see a bunch of IT geeks in their nightwear?
  • Dragon-boat festival (June): Perhaps our most challenging task for the year. We have partnered with our client (Giantt) to enter the Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Race. We don’t hold up much hope for winning but would love to raise a decent amount of money for Age UK. Keep an eye out for our just giving page and please give generously!
  • Memory club (October): We’re still working through the finer details but essentially the memory club is focused on helping people with Alzheimer’s and their carers have a break and do something nice. We thought about using technology (i.e. iPods) to bring everyone music from their era, but are still open for suggestions…
  • Christmas (December): Again, no specific plans yet, but maybe donating gifts and being involved in the memory club at Christmas might be a nice touch.

We would encourage any businesses out there who want to give something back to join us. You’ll be supporting a wonderful cause, showing your clients that you care about social responsibility and let’s face it, have some fun too!

We hope you will support us by donating generously and look forward to seeing what our friends and clients do in regards to social responsibility this year.

The Dvelop.IT team

The future is Apps!

Apps – a great way to connect your customers to your company

We have been very busy here at Dvelop.IT for the last month or so. Possibly the busiest we’ve ever been. The main reason for this is that we have recently won a lot of new business. Whilst we’re certainly not complaining, I have made 2 observations:

  1. Going to the Great British Business Show last November was fantastic for us. We met so many great people, many of whom have now become clients. It’s been an amazing way to speak to people face to face as well as promote what we do on a larger scale.
  2. Apps are the future! We all know this market has been growing for the last few years but right now apps are hotter than ever.

It’s the latter of the two observations I wanted to write about.

Promote your company or services in a friendly and productive way

Historically, Dvelop.IT has specialised in making revolutionary back-end systems. These systems run businesses! They are an integral part of how our clients operate day to day and we’re very proud of what we do. This will never change, but what is changing is the popularity of apps. Long gone are the days of limited functionality and clunky user interfaces. For now and for the future, apps are sleek, smart and increasingly important to businesses. They offer something different, essentially a customer focused way of connecting to your company or using your services in a more friendly and productive way.

There are two types of people that come to us with requirements for apps. The first is existing businesses who want to improve communication, sales and engagement with their clients/customers. The second is ‘start-ups’ whom have a brilliant new idea they want to take to market. For us, both are equally as exciting. Showing a business how they can improve and watching that improvement gives us a great sense of satisfaction and is the reason we started Dvelop.IT seven years ago. Helping a new business get off the ground is also very rewarding and I’ll admit it, even great fun!



Apps are on the increase

However you look at things, apps are on the increase and we love being a part of that. It still surprises me when I see large enterprises who still don’t use an app. Let’s take football clubs for an example. Manchester United (arguably the biggest club in the world) don’t even have an official app! I know, I was shocked too. Think of all the ticket and shirt sales that are missed, all the opportunities to share official news and transfer updates and most importantly the connection with the fans that’s not being utilised.

If you are on the look-out for an app developer, then look no further. We have some great examples of our previous designs and would love to share them with you. Oh, and if you reading this Manchester United, do give us a call…

Hospitality Show – Excel London

This year we are attending the Hospitality business show at the Excel, London. We will be in the Tech area, stand 2958.


We love attending shows and are looking forward to our first with http://www.hotelympia.com/. Come and visit us to discuss all your software needs, whether that be front or back end systems, Apps and the like. We love talking tech!



We look forward to seeing you there!


The Dvelop.IT team


Meltdown and Spectre – not the names of new James Bond villains!

I am not sure who gets to name software bugs or whether it operates like the naming of storms i.e. alphabetically, but however it works, Meltdown and Spectre, sound scary enough to warrant the urgent attention of every IT user, and rightly so!

What are they?

Meltdown and Spectre are serious security flaws that were found three weeks ago in central processing units (CPU’s) of all processors designed by Intel, AMD and ARM since 1995. The flaws could let attackers steal sensitive data, including passwords, encryption keys, private information including banking details and will affect virtually every modern computer, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs from all vendors and running almost any operating system.

What are the big boys doing?

Meltdown is the more serious flaw, whilst for Spectre it appears as if there is no easy fix yet. Intel’s first round of Spectre CPU fixes caused more frequent, unwanted system reboots and other stability issues. They are currently testing new patches and advise users to wait until they are ready before installing them. So it might be worth remembering in the meantime, to get your updates from your PC, laptop, or motherboard maker, rather than Intel.

Fixes are already going out from Microsoft and Apple to help mitigate Meltdown and Spectre – though a full fix for these issues could still be some way off.  However, the fixes are thought to slow down computer performance by as much as 30% on users of systems before Windows 10 and using 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Intel processors. However you need them installed otherwise the alternatives don’t bear thinking about. And browsers are getting in on the action too with Google, Firefox and Internet Explorer safeguarding their systems. Whilst Apple have pushed out updates to iOS 11 and macOS with security improvements to Safari.

What can you do?

The good news is that Spectre or Meltdown flaws have not yet been used in an attack, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. In the meantime, we urge you to keep an eye out and follow our 1, 2, 3 action plan.

  1. First and foremost don’t panic.
  2. Implement all available OS and firmware updates.
  3. Keep your antivirus software vigilant.

At Dvelop.IT we design, develop and maintain software that will solve problems that you know you have and problems you don’t know you have. Contact us now and let’s help you get your business ready for increased efficiencies and enhanced profitability – 01933 215050 or info@dvelop.it

Is it Christmas already?

Why now is the perfect time to talk about your issues!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is on its way! I’m already hearing people say they are ‘winding down for the holidays’… Is it me or does this get earlier every year? For me the period running up to Christmas is vitally important. It’s an opportunity to catch up on admin tasks, make some friendly contacts, but, most importantly look back and reflect on the year. It’s easy to look back and celebrate all the successes (we can do that between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day), but I prefer to review problems we have faced and use this time to look at ways of fixing these problems. What better time?

Get your processes efficient for 2018

A core part of our business is realising and fixing problems for our clients. Sometimes they do the former part for us, but we are always the ‘go to’ guys when a bottle-neck or pain comes up. Now we can’t promise to fix your pains by Christmas, we’re not magic Christmas elves but what we can do, is start the process by talking  through issues you may have. Then we go away and think for a while, research solutions and have an ideas meeting with the team. Christmas is the perfect time for us to do this. This means by January we will be ready to present our ideas to you. Wouldn’t it be great to start the new year with more efficient processes? Or increased revenue? That’s what we do every day!

Join the Software Revolution

Who knows, by next Christmas you might be so in demand from new clients that winding down for the holidays is a thing of the past! So what are you waiting for… join The Software Revolution and give us a try!

P.S. Santa, if you need help churning those presents out both efficiently and to the highest of standards, you know who to call!

At Dvelop.IT we design, develop and maintain software that will solve problems that you know you have and problems you don’t know you have. Contact us now and let’s get this revolution started – 01933 215050 or ashley@dvelop.it

Doing business at The Business Show!

Well, what a week it has been for us at Dvelop.IT!

We had our first foray into the world of exhibiting at a prestigious event and after our venture at The Business Show held at London’s Olympia, it certainly won’t be our last. However, I will be investing in some good in-soles as my feet have never felt the pains of standing for 10 hours before!

But thanks to an impressive looking stand (in the words of our visitors), complete with eye-catching corporate coloured balloons, two very smiley gents (Curt and I) and a great attitude when talking about ideas, we managed to draw in hundreds of visitors over the two-day event.

Business Show 2017

Business Show 2017







arcade machineSome visitors came to our stand to take part in our Space Invaders competition to win a Tablet on our retro style arcade machine; others wanted to see a demonstration of what we can do and dozens more asked us whether we could help them with a forthcoming bespoke software development project.  We also met other IT industry suppliers, seminar presenters and of course the usual visitors who were after some event freebies! Oh, and we even met some ‘celebrities’!

All told, we have come away with some great leads to follow up and a smile on our face. We really enjoyed the hectic, busy and fun atmosphere of the largest business exhibition in Europe. We are already looking forward to the show next year, which promises to be even bigger and better.  Hopefully you can join us there and take up the opportunity to join our software revolution, like many of the great people we met last week.

Now, where is that foot-spa when you need it?

The Business Show Exhibition

Next week we are exhibiting at The Business Show UK, the largest business exhibition in Europe (http://www.thebusinessshow.co.uk/). We are excited to show people our systems as well as discuss all things Software!

We are very proud of what we do, and always have passion. If you come and visit our stand (#1386) you will sense that straight away. We’re not ones for the hard sell, it’s just not our style. If we can’t help you, we will say so. However, its surprising how often businesses don’t recognise a pain until we start talking to them. We love solving problems and the feedback we have from our customers is amazing. Just see our customer testimonies at https://www.dvelop.it/people-weve-helped.

To lighten up our stand and well, because we love tech, we will be holding a Space Invaders competition on our retro style arcade machine. Anyone can enter and there will be a prize for the highest score at the end of the day (a shiny new tablet to play more games on). We will also be doing demonstrations of our systems as well as having an open ear for any software advice.

Why not visit us and join the software revolution! We look forward to seeing you!

A night with Dvelop.IT

This month we enjoyed a team building staff night out. We started by visiting Trapp’d in Northampton. Here you are locked in a room and the goal is to escape as soon as possible using problem solving skills and team work. We split into two teams (just to make it a little more exciting) and really did have a lot of fun! Afterwards we played a couple of games of bowling (which was even more competitive!) plus enjoyed some food and drink.

It was great to see what a diverse but bonded team we have. Everyone pulled together during Trapp’d and supported each other during the bowling. It made me very proud to work for Dvelop.IT. Our ethos, attitude to work and commitment shone through.


Left to right: Matt, Jake, Ashley, Chris – Curt, Brian, Mo and Jim


It got me wondering what makes a good software house? We already know we build amazing systems, quality apps and provide a great service but we’re not the only business that does this. So, what separates us from the rest?

  1. Every one of our staff enjoy their job (maybe too much sometimes!) and go the extra mile. Our service is not only professional, but friendly and tailored too.
  2. Experience and knowledge. Software is more than a job or hobby for us, it’s a lifestyle.
  3. Team work. Everyone pulls in the same direction and helps each other day to day. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say ‘no’!

If this sounds like the kind of business you would like to work with and you have pains in your business that may be solved by software then why not give us a call? There’s no pressure from us, it’s not our style. But, we love talking tech and showing prospective clients how we can help support their businesses, increase revenue and save bundles of time.

Come and join the software revolution!

The Dvelop.IT team!

Welcome to the new revolution!

At Dvelop.IT we often talk about a software revolution, in fact it’s even part of our company ethos. What we mean by this is using bespoke software effectively in the future to streamline businesses and improve current practices. It started me thinking about revolutions in general and then the Beatles famous hit ‘Revolution’ became stuck in my head on repeat.

Lennon and McCartney sang about political agendas, unaware at the time, they were creating another kind of revolution: How music would forever be recorded and produced.

Recently we celebrated 50 years of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band but what many people won’t know is how this album, its producer (George Martin) and the fab four changed the face of their industry with a simple idea. This template is still used today. The basic premise was recording ‘samples’ or tracks over other tracks, but of course they had to take this to the extreme. You can see through later albums such as Abbey Road and the White album that they continued to experiment with this method.

abbey road

This gave us some of the best music ever written and just goes to show that amazing things can happen from the smallest ideas! The Beatles were pioneers in their time and at Dvelop.IT we want to do the same for our industry!

Software, robots and the like are hot topics these days. The future is happening whether we like it or not. Often business or individuals are sceptical of this, whereas being a technology based firm we are very much more “let it be”, (you will have to excuse the puns I’m afraid). We believe that bespoke software is the future of business. It helps us work smarter, increase revenue and stand out from competitors.

However you look at it, change is coming. Why not be a pioneer and ‘Join the software revolution’ with us at Dvelop.IT. Whatever your software difficulties are, “We can work it out”…

We design, develop and maintain software that will solve problems that you know you have and problems you don’t know you have. Contact us now and let’s get this revolution started – 01933 215050 or ashley@dvelop.it

Dvelop.IT celebrates five year anniversary with move to state-of-the art offices


Irthlingborough-based software firm Dvelop.IT has celebrated its fifth anniversary by moving offices to the prestigious Waterside House Business Centre.

Earlier this year the company snapped up mobile app developer Domino Logic, and it continues to grow from strength to strength.
Our move has been forced by continued expansion,’ explains MD Curt Wilkinson, pictured here in Dvelop.IT’s new home. ‘We continue to take on more staff to cope with a rapidly increasing client base, and now that we have Domino Logic under our wing, demand for our services has soared. These new high quality offices reflect the fact that we’re a highly successful company that’s going places.

New Irthlingborough offices

Dvelop.IT are particularly proud of the wide range of software development services they now offer – having recently completed a pair of projects that involved working closely with both Google and Facebook, they now have a relationship with the two marketing powerhouses that other software houses would envy.
The knowledge we’ve gained from these projects will be really valuable,’ says Curt. ‘It will enable us to help anyone that wants to work more closely with the Google and Facebook advertising networks. There’s no doubt that this sets us apart from most other software developers and is something we’re extremely proud of.

To learn more about how Dvelop.IT can help your business, simply go to www.dvelop.it or call 01933 215050.