The Dvelop.IT team is comprised of a core of experienced software engineers. Complimenting this is the management team who, critically in our view, retain a close relationship with all things development. Our Managing Director and Development Manager can still regularly be found debating the virtues of a new coding practice or technology, or providing their expertise for the more complex development requests we receive.

The management team itself is made up of:

Matt Gerrett – Managing Director

Matt has extensive industry experience in software engineering.
Having worked for large blue chips as well as SME’s he understands how important it is
to get the right balance of quality, time and budget. Matt was there at the start of Dvelop.IT,
and now leads the company as Dvelop.IT go from strength to strength.

Chris Burgess – Operations Director

As a Fintech Investor himself, Chris understands the
positive impact bespoke software development
can have on a business’ operation.
He was so impressed with what Dvelop.IT created
for his own businesses, in 2017
he made the decision to purchase Dvelop.IT.

Jake Munns – Head of Development

Jake is an excellent software developer who thrives under the
pressure of managing multiple projects.
An exceptional manager of people – he was the
obvious choice for Head of Development.
Jake will not compromise on quality when delivering your project

Das Gakhal – Head of Finance

A qualified accountant with excellent industry knowledge and
experience in bespoke system implementation.
Using his extensive experience from managing a large portfolio
of clients for many years in practice, Das can organise and structure company targets to
meet both internal and external objectives.

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