It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology focussed start-up or an established business and it doesn’t matter whether you employ just a couple of staff or a few hundred, there are always ways in which software can make your business better.

If you’re struggling under the weight of day to day administrative tasks then we can help. You want to grow your business but know that will mean increasing your employee count which will then create cash flow problems. If this sounds familiar then your business could benefit from some tailor-made software. Many manual tasks will be automated thereby saving your staff time and your business money.

Automation of manual tasks will enable your business to grow without significantly increasing your overheads.

We regularly encounter communications black holes. This is especially true in businesses that have staff distributed across several offices. You’ve probably seen it yourself: faxes that never arrive, post that gets lost and emails that disappear into the ether. This in turn means that tasks don’t get carried out and deadlines are missed. We solve this by making communication an intrinsic part of your software. The same software that runs your business will also instantly and reliably send all communication and documentation to everyone involved.

Having staff in lots of different places doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with them seamlessly.

There’s no common theme that defines our customers. They come from all business sectors and in all sizes. It’s true that they often struggle with the same problems but otherwise they have little in common. Some need a mobile app, some a web based application and others need a more traditional desktop application. We have successfully delivered database projects, middleware tools, added APIs to existing systems and created industry leading web applications.

Software is a tool that every business can use so every business could benefit from talking to Dvelop.IT.

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